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Getting Started


For users who wish to use Zap as a CLI, you can download the latest release from GitHub Releases, or you can install it using aftman:

aftman add red-blox/zap

Alternatively you can use the web playground and move the generated files into your project.

Writing Your First Network Description

Zap's IDL (Interface Description Language) is very simple, and you'll learn more about it further in this guide. For now, here's a simple example:

Generating Code

If you're using the playground your code will be generated automatically on every change. If you're using the CLI you can generate code by running:

zap path/to/config.zap

This will generate two files, path/to/server/output.luau and path/to/client/output.luau. You can then use these files in your project.

Using the API

Zap's generated files return a table with all of their events. You can use this table to connect to events and fire them.